We make it easy with our pre-formatted photo booth templates. Choose an overlay from our wide-range of selection to frame around your pictures. If you have a design in mind, or see one you like, we can mock one up step by step.



You can never go wrong with the good ol' classic, photo booth 2x6 photo strips.

Click on a template to enlarge it.



2x6 HH-1 Photo v1
2x6 HH-1 Photo v2
2x6 HH-1 Photo v3
2x6 HH-1 Photo v4
2x6 HH-1 Photo v5
2x6 HH-2 Photos v1
2x6 HH-2 Photos v2
2x6 HH-2 Photos v3
2x6 HH-2 Photos v4
2x6 HH-2 Photos v5
2x6 HH-2 Photos v6
2x6 HH-3 Photos v1
2x6 HH-3 Photos v2
2x6 HH-3 Photos v3
2x6 HH-3 Photos v4
2x6 HH-3 Photos v5
2x6 HH-3 Photos v6
2x6 HH-3 Photos v7
2x6 HH-3 Photos v8
2x6 HH-3 Photos v9
2x6 HH-3 Photos v10
2x6 HH-3 Photos v11
2x6 HH-3 Photos v12
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2x6 VH-2 Photos v1
2x6 VH-2 Photos v2
2x6 VH-2 Photos v3
2x6 VH-3 Photos v1
2x6 VH-3 Photos v2
2x6 VH-3 Photos v3
2x6 VH-3 Photos v4
2x6 VH-3 Photos v5
2x6 VH-3 Photos v6
2x6 VH-3 Photos v7
2x6 VH-4 Photos v1
2x6 VH-4 Photos v2
2x6 VH-4 Photos v3
2x6 VH-4 Photos v4
2x6 VH-4 Photos v5
2x6 VH-4 Photos v6
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Make your pictures stand out more with the photo booth 4x6 prints upgrade.

Click on a template to enlarge it.



4x6 HH-1 Photo v1
4x6 HH-1 Photo v2
4x6 HH-1 Photo v3
4x6 HH-2 Photos v1
4x6 HH-2 Photos v2
4x6 HH-2 Photos v3
4x6 HH-2 Photos v4
4x6 HH-2 Photos v5
4x6 HH-2 Photos v6
4x6 HH-2 Photos v7
4x6 HH-3 Photos v1
4x6 HH-3 Photos v2
4x6 HH-3 Photos v3
4x6 HH-3 Photos v4
4x6 HH-3 Photos v5
4x6 HH-3 Photos v6
4x6 HH-3 Photos v7
4x6 HH-3 Photos v8
4x6 HH-3 Photos v9
4x6 HH-3 Photos v10
4x6 HH-3 Photos v11
4x6 HH-3 Photos v12
4x6 HH-3 Photos v13
4x6 HH-3 Photos v14
4x6 HH-4 Photos v1
4x6 HH-4 Photos v2
4x6 HH-4 Photos v3
4x6 HH-4 Photos v4
4x6 HH-4 Photos v5
4x6 HH-4 Photos v6
4x6 HH-4 Photos v7
4x6 HH-4 Photos v8
4x6 HH-4 Photos v9
4x6 HH-4 Photos v10
4x6 HH-4 Photos v11
4x6 HH-4 Photos v12
4x6 HH-4 Photos v13
4x6 HH-4 Photos v14
4x6 HH-4 Photos v15
4x6 HH-4 Photos v16
4x6 HH-4 Photos v17
4x6 HH-4 Photos v18
4x6 HH-4 Photos v19
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4x6 VH-2 Photos v1
4x6 VH-2 Photos v2
4x6 VH-2 Photos v3
4x6 VH-2 Photos v4
4x6 VH-2 Photos v5
4x6 VH-2 Photos v6
4x6 VH-2 Photos v7
4x6 VH-3 Photos v1
4x6 VH-3 Photos v2
4x6 VH-3 Photos v3
4x6 VH-3 Photos v4
4x6 VH-3 Photos v5
4x6 VH-3 Photos v6
4x6 VH-3 Photos v7
4x6 VH-3 Photos v8
4x6 VH-3 Photos v9
4x6 VH-3 Photos v10
4x6 VH-3 Photos v11
4x6 VH-3 Photos v12
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