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plus mileage compensation

We are seeking friendly and punctual individuals who love the idea of getting paid to have fun! This is a perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for a weekend job. Typical events last 2 - 4 hours (plus travel time, setup time, and teardown time) and occur mostly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We are flexible with your schedule and we lock in dates accordingly.


  • Friendly, fun, caring, and reliable

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • Highly responsive

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Must have driver's license and reliable vehicle


  • Business casual attire

  • Able to lift 50 lbs

  • Able to stand throughout the duration of an event

  • Able to work under pressure

This is an entry-level job and we will provide paid training -  starting pay is $16/hour (includes setup time, service time, and teardown time). We will determine if you are qualified to operate events at our expectation level. Pay raise is dependent on how fast you learn.

If you think this position is for you, we'll happily consider your application and hope to have you as a member of our team!

Please fill out the below application truthfully. There are no right or wrong answers 🙂

Your application has been submitted!

We will be in touch with you shortly.

How knowledgeable are you with computers?How knowledgeable are you with computers?
How knowledgeable are you with photography?How knowledgeable are you with photography?
Which days are you mostly avaiable?
How would you rate your multitasking skills?How would you rate your multitasking skills?
How would you rate your troubleshooting skills?How would you rate your troubleshooting skills?
How well do you work under pressure?

Punctuality is very important to us. Being on time in order to set up all the equipment in a timely manner is key to our success.

You may turn down any gig that we offer to you but when you accept a gig, we (8Bit Photobooth) are signing a contract with the client.

How would you rate your customer service skills?


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