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Congratulations to Paulyne and Dang!

First and foremost, we want to congratulate the newlywed couple, Paulyne Tran and Dang Ngo! You guys finally made it happen and we're truly grateful for being a part of your beautiful wedding day. You guys looked amazing and flawless throughout!

The Venue by Three Petals was (and is) the perfect venue to have your wedding reception. Everything was set up perfectly – from the elegant décor; to the warm lighting; to the exquisite wedding cake; and especially to the wonderful guests. Just take a look at this photo we took which definitely speaks for itself:

And check out the centerpieces!

We want to thank Paulyne's coordinator, Jennifer Dang, with the tremendous line of communication! We all know how crazily busy brides can be but we're glad Jennifer was exceptionally reliable on relaying messages. Without her, I'm sure chaos would ensue! Fortunately, that didn't happen, even though guests came in *cough* late *cough*.



/ˈāZHən tīm /


1. to be an hour late from the stated time of arrival.

"The guys came on Asian-time to the movies, so we missed it."

synonyms: late, on time, punctual;

Waiting in the main entrance area, we were set and ready with an hour to spare to begin the Meet & Greet session. Paulyne wanted to use the venue's artificial, yet realistic, leafy wall as the backdrop and with Jennifer's help, we positioned the wooden monograms to fit nicely for the photo shoot. What do you guys think of this lovely backdrop?

It sure looked simple but it totally maintained its elegance. Here's a video of what our Meet & Greet setup looked like that night:

And here are a few of the results – the 4x6 prints with a simplistic design:

What you see digitally, is what you get printed out. Talk about quality:

Once the Meet & Greet session was over, we quickly transitioned over to Photo Booth mode. It was fairly easy moving all of our equipment over to the main reception area. Here's a quick video of where we were set:

Since the Asian-Time affected the scheduling, our Photo Booth was on hold until after the introductions were finished. We're glad we got this shot of the newlyweds!

After the amazing introduction, our photo booth finally opened up for business! Here are a few lovely ladies in action:

And here are a few 2x6 photo strips from the endless night:

The atmosphere was filled with love and joy throughout the entire evening; it was a wedding any bride could ask for.

Our final note to the lovely bride and groom:

Dear Paulyne and Dang,

We want to congratulate you both on tying the knot. We wish you eternal love and laughter as husband and wife through the many years that will follow. Thank you for giving us the grand opportunity to witness and share your beautiful wedding day. We hope we gave you and your guests a night to remember.


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