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Meet & Greet

What is a Meet & Greet?

This may also be known as entrance photos, thank you photos, welcome photos, prom pictures, or bride & groom shots. This service allows guests to take formal photos before your main event starts.

How long is the service?

This is a one-hour service but you may request more time if needed; just let us know ahead of time. Pricing is subject to change.

How does it work?

We will streamline the Meet & Greet with our photo booth to reduce the wait time for your guests. The live-view display will post shots quickly on screen and print photos instantly for your guests.

What if I blinked?

Whether you or any of your guests blinked or were not ready, don't worry! Our live-view will display what has been taken. Shots can be retaken as many times you like but do be mindful of the time. You will receive all copies no matter what! Before: After:

How will the photo booth operate if I want this service?

Great question. Do note, with this service, we provide one photo booth to operate both services. We will transition into photo booth mode shortly after the Meet & Greet service. It should take no longer than 30 minutes depending on the scheduling. Please keep this in mind when planning your event.

What is included?

For our basic Meet & Greet, we will add a customized 4x6 Thank You photo design. This will eliminate the need for Picture Holders.

Do you provide Picture Holders?

Yes! With our upgraded Meet & Greet service, we will include high-quality, matted Picture Holders. These will protect the edges of the photo yet they have a cutout to display the photo. Additionally, everything is inserted into a plastic sleeve. Currently, the size of the picture holders we offer is 5x7. We have Matte Black and Matte White.

Why would I need this?

This will give your guests a chance to have at least one photo taken at your event, whether it is with you or amongst themselves. It is a great opportunity to create a more formal album for you as well as your guests.

How many photos will our guests receive?

We will print up to two copies per session.

How many shots are taken per session?

Usually with this service, it is just one shot. We can do more than one but we recommend just one since you will be limited on the time.

Can I just book you for this service without the photo booth service?

Sorry, we only provide the Meet & Greet service when you book the photo booth service.

What are the Luxury Prints?

Exclusively for the Meet & Greet upgrade. Instead of standard printing paper, the luxury prints are specially designed with a metallic layer that will bring your images to life like never before. These prints will deliver amazing output quality that will stun your guests.

Can I upgrade my photo booth prints with the Luxury Metallic Prints?

Unfortunately, no. This upgrade is exclusively for the Meet & Greet.

Isn't this just like hiring a photographer?

Yes, but with almost all photographers, you will just be working with just a camera and a printer. With the photo booth's live-view feature you and your guests will be able to see themselves before the photos get printed out. We want to make sure everyone is content and happy with what they take home.

What makes the Meet & Greet better than hiring just a photographer to do this?

Photographers will most likely work in a group of 3 to 5 people to get this to work. Each individual will have to work these main components: - camera to capture the image - lighting to assist the photographer - computer to manage the photos - printer to print the photos - assembler to put everything together Keep in mind the guests will have to wait an additional 2 hours for everything to be developed. With the photo booth doing rest of the work, we are able to narrow down to 2 attendants to assist and assemble. Everything is done instantly on the spot.

I love my ceremony setup and I want it as my backdrop. Can I have you set up there for this?

It is possible and we have done this before. We do not recommend this as by doing this, you will limit us on time. Right after your ceremony, we will have to immediately set up, run test shots on the lighting, and make sure it prints perfectly. Initial set up takes about 45 minutes and being rushed will result in poor results - which we highly discourage. What we recommend is having a separate location for this service. This way, while you have your ceremony, we will be setting up and will be ready for you. This is the ideal timeline.

Photo Booth

How does it work?

First, select your props from our huge selection of hats, masks, and accessories. Choose color or black and white printing. Next, strike a few poses for the camera and the machine will do the rest. Pick up your pictures outside of the photo booth. It’s that simple.

How many people can fit for a photo?

Depending on the space provided, this is what we can be accommodated: For up to 15 guests: 10 ft W x 10 ft D x 7 ft H For up to 6 guests: 8 ft W x 8 ft D x 7 ft H

Do you provide props?

Yes, props are included with every package you select with your photo booth. We have accumulated many props throughout the years, and we’ll gladly bring them to the event upon request. We encourage that you bring props that best represents you or your event. Example: favorite hats, sports team, holiday décor, etc.

Where do we set up the photo booth at my venue?

The photo booth will be a popular attraction at your event. Remember to position it at a large space with enough room for guests to line up. When possible, plan on positioning the photo booth fairly close to an electrical outlet.

Can it be used outdoors?

Yes, we can set up at just about anywhere. Limited to weather conditions, of course! We’ll need a flat surface and a standard 120V AC power outlet (25 Amps).

Is it wheel chair accessible?

Yes, definitely! Please let us know if you have guests that need wheel chair accessibility. We’ll be happy to set up our photo booths for ADA compliance.

What are the dimensions for the Modern-Air?

Width: 16 in. Depth: 26 in. Height: 60.5 in. Camera Placement (tall): 54.5 in. Camera Placement (short): 35.5 in.

What are the dimensions for the Vintage-Air?

Width: 30.5 in. (35 in. with tripod) Depth: 19.5 in. (35 in. with tripod) Height: 76.5 in. Camera Placement: 62 in.

How much space do you need to set up?

Please arrange for an appropriate minimum space at the location of 10 ft W x 10 ft D x 8 ft H. The more space, the better!

I have mostly all kids for my event, will the camera be able to capture them?

Good question. If you have stools or chairs, it will help the little ones to get in view. Another alternative would be removing the middle section (only with Modern-Air) to have the head of the booth lower. This way, the camera won't show any weird angles.


What type of camera is in the photo booth?

Unlike other photo booths that use web cams or cheap cameras, we use nothing but the best DSLR cameras to capture high-resolution images. More importantly, we use the best studio lighting technology to ensure picture perfect photos every time.

What is the quality/resolution of the photos?

Professional grade 300 DPI photos. These are same standards used by professional media and magazines. You and your guests will be amazed with the quality. We’ll be happy to provide you with sample pictures.

How many pictures do we get?

No matter which picture size you choose, you will receive unlimited prints during your session. Feel free to snap the night away with fun-filled memories!

How long does it take to develop the photos?

Once all photos are taken, the photo strips will dispense into the collection tray in approximately 9 seconds. With the top-quality commercial grade printer, we can print a much higher volume for your event.

Do I get digital photo copies?

You’ll receive all full-resolution photos through our ALBUMS page. We will provide you your exclusive password and album within the next day. Also, if requested, we can copy through a USB flash drive at the end of the event.

What if my venue requires commercial liability insurance?

We are licensed and insured to protect our company, clients, and venue. We are insured up to $1,000,000.

Will someone be on site with the photo booth?

Yes! There will be at least one full-time attendant to greet and assist guests and to ensure the photo booth operates properly throughout your event.

How much time do you need to set up before the event?

We arrive at least one hour before your event begins. We may come earlier at no extra cost. This will be enough time for us to prepare everything before the starting time.

Is there an extra charge for you to set the booth up and set it down?

There is no extra charge. We work the hours you request. Any time besides those hours, will be on us.

What areas do you serve?

We currently serve all areas within a 100 mile radius of Orange County, CA. Our prices depend on the location of your event. Please contact us for details.

How early do I need to reserve?

We understand last minute notices, but the sooner the better. Some events, like weddings, often book 6 months to 1 year in advance, so contact us right away for available dates.

How do we reserve a date and time?

We require a $150 deposit and a signed contract to reserve a photo booth. The remaining balance is due anytime prior of the event or the day of the event.

I’m ready to reserve! What's the next step?

It's easy! Fill out a Quote Form to confirm availability. We’ll contact you with the contract to reserve and book the event.

Do you offer idle time?

Also called waiting time, allowed time, or downtime. Yes, we do. We will arrive at least one hour prior to the start time to unload and finish set up. Setup and teardown time will be at no extra cost. However, if you require the photo booth setup to be finished 30 minutes or more prior to the start time, a $30 idle fee will be applied per each requested 30 minutes.

What are the minimum hours to book with you?

The minimum hours we require are 2 hours. However, if you are just booking us for the Meet & Greet service, we can quote you for one hour with the Meet & Greet plus one hour of photo booth service. That way, it will be a fair cost to you.

What does "limited availability, first come first served basis" mean?

Simply put, we only book based on availability. A submitted signed contract and paid deposit guarantees the date and time to the first person in line. We believe this is only fair so don't miss your chance to book us now!

Are you licensed to do business?

Yes, we are certified and licensed to do business in the state of CA. If your venue requires a copy of our license, we are able to provide it.


What kind of graphics will be on the template?

We will be happy to design a customized template for your event. Please send us an invitation or event flyer and we’ll design it to the same theme. You may also create your own design and send to us for application.

Is it possible to have my event name or a logo printed on the photos?

We’ll brand and layout your photo strips anyway you like. Please provide a PNG format of your logo.

I found something I like elsewhere, can we use it for the prints?

Yes! It may not be exactly the same, but we can mimic the design very similar to what you like. The designs we do are fully customizable to your liking. We’ll work together and ensure that it’s exactly what you want. We’re all about customization.

Can we use any font?

Of course! Just provide us the name or a description of the font and we can apply it or something similar. Our preferred websites we use are: dafont.com or www.font.com.


What is the Scrapbook?

The Scrapbook is an upgrade we offer for your guests to write special messages along with their prints.

How big is the book?

It is 12x12 inch.

How many pages will there be?

There will be 40 sheets of craft paper. That comes out to be 80 pages (front and back) which is more than enough.

What is included?

We will provide gold, silver, and bronze markers for your guests to fill out. Also, there will be photo corners to make your album more decorative.

Will you assist our guests?

Yes! We will print an extra copy for the group and direct them to the scrapbook. From there, we will help put on the photo corners so there will be an easy flow of traffic. We'll make sure at least almost all of the guests who use the photo booth, write a special message.

Outdoor Events

Will you be able to operate outdoors?

We are able to operate outdoors but please read our precautions for rain, wind, shade, and surfaces.

What if there is rain?

All equipment must be under a patio, canopy, tent, or similar protection.

What if there is wind?

The backdrop is like a boat sail - the slightest wind will send it swaying or flying. It must be set up against a wall for support.

How do I prevent glare, squinting, and undesirable exposure?

Find us the best spot (or we will see best fit) under shade. The sun moves which will move the direction of lighting even under a shaded area. The more shade the better.

What's the best surface to set up?

The answer is simple. The photo booth and all equipment must be on a hard level surface. This will prevent photos to be taken unevenly. This will not work on grass, rocks, or sand.

Will you provide a tent?

Unfortunately, we will not.

Online Album

What is the online album?

The Online Album is a personal album dedicated to your event. It will contain all the pictures from the event we serviced you for the given day.

Will it be secured?

Yes. All albums on our website will come with a unique password to your album.

Will it have all the photos?

Yes and even more! We will provide all the regular photo booth photos, generated animated GIFs, and RAW photos.

When will the photos be posted?

We will upload them onto the site and sort them with folders. This should take up to less than 24 hours from the end of your event. We will send you the credentials for you to share with your guests.

Will I be able to download all of the files?

Yes, you will be able to. Once you log in, you will be given access to view the photos. There, you will find a download icon. Each folder will have this icon which allows you to download by folder.

How long will my album be up on your site?

Unless you decide you want your album removed, it will remain on our site forever.


What can I expect from your team?

- Attendants wearing masks - Attendants are tested monthly - Surfaces sanitized regularly - Anti-bacterial provided for both attendants and guests - Props are limited for easier santization management - Social distancing standards are encouraged

Do you still handle events during the pandemic?

Yes, we still do but of course with extra precautions.

I'm interested in booking with you and I decided to reserve a date. What if a mandate has restricted us from hosting my event?

If you have inquired and reserved a date AFTER March 31st, 2020, we will gladly allow you to reschedule a new date (if we are available) free of charge. We currently do not offer any refunds but please contact us immediately and we will do our best to work things out with you.

My event was affected from the start of all this. Will I be compensated?

If you have inquired and reserved a date BEFORE March 31st, 2020, we will gladly allow you to reschedule a new date free of charge. Alternatively, we will gladly return your deposit back to you, no questions asked.

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